Lewis and Clark Game

Super Teacher Social Studies Ideas : Lewis and Clark Game
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Lewis and Clark Game
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Super Teacher Ideas
Lewis and Clark Adventure Game
Submitted by Nikki
Grade 4 Teacher

Title:  Lewis and Clark Adventure

  • Large map (optional: trace the route of Lewis and Clark on the map)
  • Small picture of Lewis and Clark (size of a mini post-it note)
  • Small picture of an indian
  • Sticky tack

You can use this activity to review for a quiz, test, etc.

Make certain "stops" along the route that Lewis and Clark actually took (ie the first stop might be somewhere in Iowa), and as each team answers a question correctly they may advance to the next stop. You can make as many stops as you like, depending on the number of questions you want to ask. The first team to complete the route and arrive at the Pacific Ocean wins.

Super Teacher Ideas - Lewis and Clark Game

Webmaster note:   Thanks for sharing this idea, Nikki!  What a fun way to review Social Studies.  It sounds like it would fit perfectly into any early-America or explorer unit.