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We just wanted you to know about a terrific website, Imagination-Cafe.  Sandie Lee, who has written many reading comprehension passages for SuperTeacherWorksheets, works with Imagination-Cafe, a free online magazine for kids between the ages of 4 and 12. 

There's something for all kids on Imagination-Cafe!  Young chefs can discover new recipes in the Cook's Corner.  Avid young readers can submit their own book reviews.  The joksters will laugh-out-loud at the weekly jokes in the Cafe Crackups newsletter.  For the music fans, there's an online music player that will crank out great tunes. Pet lovers will oooh and aaaaw over the pictures in the the Doggy Bag Gallery while photographers will be taking their own snapshots to add to the collection.  All kids will want to participate in the online Game Room activities.

Teachers and parents - Have your kids check out the seasonal contest.  Next month, kids will be invited to write a Presidents' Day essay and submit it to the site.  The first and second place winners will receive a t-shirt!  The top three will be published online.  Hopefully many students will participate in the fabulous contest. 

There's so much to do on this site I can't possibly list it all here.  Just go and check it out for yourself: