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After teaching sixth grade math for twenty successful years, Betty Miller retired from her teaching position, but she certainly didn't stop working.  Betty co-founded, a community where teachers can blog about their experiences, share ideas, and participate in a dynamic online community of educators. 

Teacher lingo feautres a network of teacher blogs, Twitter comments, and even an active online message chatboard where teachers share inspirational stories, teaching teachinques for all levels of education, and discuss important issues relating to education today.

I've added Betty's personal blog, Betty's Timely Teacher Talk, to my favorites list because it is such a thoughtful and fun read.  Recently, Betty has blogged about her thoughts on class clowns, the stresses of TAKs testing, visiting her grandsons' school for grandparents day, and classroom games she has played with her students.  She's also shared some of the "little gems" she's discovered on the Internet, including a game about raindrops, back-to-school giveaways, and her favorite blogs.

For teacher inspiration, laughs, and reflection, head on over to Betty's site.  I know you'll love it.

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