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Whether you're a new teacher just wondering where to start, or a verteran teacher looking for a few sparks of inspiration, you'll want to head on over to Dustin Smith's awesome new website:  Teacher Tipster.

Dustin has uploaded videos (with a catchy theme song) of clever activities, games, and lessons for elementary students.  His latest video taught me how to use dollar store ice cube trays and skull rings to review math facts!  And another video taught me a great review game called Kaboom!  And the one before that... well, just check out the videos. also features a teaching tips blog.  Click on the "tip jar" to learn a trick for unknotting those super-tight shoelaces, how to use chap-stick to motivate students, and how a pizza box can keep your kids busy when they finish their work early!

Dustin's New Teacher Tipster Website is already a popular hotspot for elementary teachers looking for new tips and ideas.