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Activities & Lesson Ideas
Spelling Activity Choices
A fun, creative menu of spelling ideas that have kids making, writing, finding, and playing games!  Paul R. from Australia won a prize for submitting this idea to us!

Spelling Aerobics
Get kids up and moving when you teach spelling with these cario-aerobic activities

Spelling Battleship
This spelling game is played just like the board game Battleship... except you're sinking spelling words instead of ships.

This indoor basketball-spelling competition will be an instant hit with your class.

Mary's Top Three Spelling Activities
Three great ideas for teaching spelling: Picture spelling, Peer Word Searches, and Scrambles

Nine Easy Spelling Centers
9 Spelling Learning Center ideas that kids can work on independently.

Invisible Man Spelling Game
Play the Invisible Man game with your class next time you want to practice spelling words with your class.

Tic-Tac-Toe Spelling Game
Tic-Tac-Spell is a great spelling review game that kids just can't get enough of.

Use a newspaper to find and build Spelling words.

Even More Great Spelling Ideas
Phone number spelling activity, White board, Shapes, Spelling in a Circle, and more.

Sailboat Words, Letter Trees, Spelling Triangles
Three different versions of one great spelling concept.

Spelling Sparkle A
Spelling Sparkle is a classic spelling game that kids love!

Spelling Sparkle B
Even more teachers rave about the Spelling Sparkle game!

Spelling Sparkle C
Even more Spelling Sparkle descriptions, including a unique twist on the game called "Spakle - Zap"

Quick Spelling Ideas
Lots of quick, one-line spelling activitiy ideas submitted by teachers.

Four Fun Ways to Teach Spelling
Four great lesson ideas, including: 

Spelling Baseball and Basketball
How to play Spelling Baseball and Basketball in your classroom.

Fun Spelling Activities
Playground letters, ransom letters, spelling bee are three of the spelling activities described on this page.

Cool Spelling Activities
Magnetic Letter Game, Wordo, and a Dry-Erase Activity.

Spelling Contract
Spelling contracts give kids a choice of spelling activities.

Three Spelling Games
Springo, iSpy Spelling, and Cherry Pie

Fraction-Spelling Activity
Kids can build fractions and practice spelling words at the same time with this idea.

Nine Awesome Spelling Ideas
Holiday version of Spelling-Tac-Toe, spelling bee, color writing, and a dry earase activity.

Missing Letter Game
How to play the missing letters game

Multisensory Approach to Spelling
Spelling Round Up, Dot a Dot, and Flour Writing

Computer Spelling Ideas
Lots of ways to use computers to review spelling words.

Spelling Draw
An old-west shootout game (without the guns) in which students practice their spelling words.

Bang for Our Buck and Spelling Word Round Up
Two great spelling activities to try.

Spelling Scavenger Hunt
Looking for a fun Spelling Activity that will get kids moving around the room?  Try this scavenger hunt.

Spelling Relay
Competitive team activity that makes it fun to review spelling words.

Rainbow Spelling
Spelling words in a rainbow of colors will benefit the tactile and visual learners in your class.

Hit, Snatch, BOOM!
Hit the Wall, Word Snatch, and Boom! are three fun spelling games that you'll want to use in your classroom.

Kinesthetic Spelling Activities
These spelling activities will really get your kids moving!

Spelling Menu
Menu of Spelling activities and Monday through Friday Spelling schedule

Four Fabulous Spelling Games
Play the Great Chalk Race, Circle Spelling, Boggle, and Penny Spelling.

Play Dough, Painting, and Window Markers
Visual learners will love these artistic approaches to spelling.

Sing and Spell
Kids remember how to spell words when they're sung!

More Spelling Activities and Tricks
Alphabet Pasta, Balloon definitions, Spelling tricks, and more.

Spelling Word Collage
Learn how to make a spelling word collage

Great Ideas for Teaching Spelling
Ten fun activities for teaching spelling.

Whole Body Spelling
A kinesthetic approach to reviewing spelling words.

Spelling Bingo
Spelling Bingo is a fun classroom game kids love.

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