Spelling Tic Tac Toe

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Dribble to Learn
Submitted by Jill from Texas
First Grade

To help my daughter learn to spell a word I say the word as I bounce a basketball once then pass it to her. She bounces the ball once for each letter of the word as she spells it then passes it back to me. This helps her spell and helps her with her dribbling!

Index Card Puzzles
Submitted by Elissa from Illinois
3rd Grade Teacher

Students write each of their spelling words on an index card.  They cut the index card into 2 pieces. each card is cut differently.  Using a timer they see how many cards they can put back together in a given time.

Spelling Game
Submitted by Sarah from Kansas
5th Grade Teacher

Give the kids 20 seconds or so to write their spelling words as many times as they want. Then pick a number between 1 and 25. Which ever student has their spelling word spelled correctly that many times wins a small prize.  You would be surprized how many time the kids write their words.

4 Fun Ways to Teach Spelling
Webmaster note:  A major thank you to Jill, Elissa, Sarah, and Sherrie for sharing these fun spelling ideas!
Spell, Stamp, and Write
Submitted by Sherrie from New York
First Grade Teacher

Each week we Spell, Stamp, and Write our spelling words. Students first write their spelling word in the first column of the activity page. Then they use letter stampers to stamp the word. Last of all, children use gel pens or markers to write the word one last time.

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