Spelling Contract

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Spelling Contract
Webmaster note:  Giving students a choice via Spelling Contract is a great way to give students control over their learning.  I appreciate you sharing this idea, Shanci, Stephanie, and Emily!
Spelling Contract
Another Great Idea Submitted by Shanci from Georgia
3rd Grade Teacher

My students do a spelling contract each week that offers them a variety of activities to complete. There are three levels of activities worth different points, and students can complete any activities to equal or exceed 100 points.

The first level of activities is worth 30 points. Some examples of activities in this level are write your words in a rainbow of colors, create a picture with the words hidden in it, and write your words 3 times each.

In the 40-point category students can write their words in shaving cream, create math problems with their words (letters match up to numbers), use Scrabble pieces to spell out their words, and create spelling pyramids.

In the 50-point category, students can create cheers or songs that spell out the words, write a comic strip that includes each of the words, write a ransom letter using magazine or newspaper letters, or make a TV program that spells the words instead of says them.

Setting Up a Contract for Spelling
Submitted by Emily from Minnesota
Third grade Teacher

Every Monday, with their spelling words for the week, the students take home a "Spelling Contract". This contract has 20 different activities on it. Th activites range in level of difficulty. Each activity is worth between 5 and 20 points. The students are responsible for completing activities of their choice, as long as they equal at least 20 points.

Some activites are: write the words in ABC order, "rainbow" write the words (tracing over the word several times in different colors), writing a story using the words, write the definitions of the words, write tongue twisters with the words, find the words in magazines or newspapers and make a collage, write a rhyming word for each spelling word, write poems with the words, write the words and circle the consonants, write the words and circle the vowles, etc.... The parents love the variety of activities and the consistency of the homework. I like being able to differentiate by offering acitivites at different difficuly levels. 

Student Choice!
Submitted by Stephanie from Missouri
First Grade Teacher

After getting the spelling list on Monday, the students can pick from 20 different items to earn points.  Each item depending on the difficulty has different points. 

For example alphabetize the word list (10 points)  Create a crossword puzzle using the words (50 points), writng the definition of each word (30 points)  Each student must complete work that totals 100 points and turn it in on Friday.  Other ideas: Identify the part of speech of each word, make a word search,  draw a picture and hide the words in the picture, use the words in a sentence, find an antonym or synonym for each word)
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