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Webmaster note:  Spelling Springo, I Spy Spelling, and Cherry Pie all seem like excellent games that students will thoroughly enjoy.  Super big thank you goes out to Elizabeth, Kathryn, Pat, and Kylan for letting us know about these games!
Cherry Pie
Submitted by Kylan from Kansas
5th Grade Teacher

We play a game called Cherry Pie.  You stand in a circle and give the first student a word.  He or she gives the first letter of the word.  You continue going around the circle each person giving one letter.  If someone misses they sit down and are out for the game.  If the word is spelled correctly the person after the one who said the last letter correctly says, "cherry pie" and they are out for the game.  This continues until there is only one person standing.  I keep the game moving quickly, and I do no repeats, if they stutter or don't know where we are they are out.  This keeps them listening to every word.

Spelling Springo!
Submitted by Kathryn from West Virginia
Fifth Grade Teacher

It's SPINGO !  On a half sheet of notebook paper, students draw a six-section grid (3 on top and 3 below.)  They write their choice of spelling words, one per section.  Teacher then gives a clue--students use a crayon to check off that word if they have it.  First one to check off all six words wins --  IF all 6 words are spelled correctly.  Turn the paper over and play again.

I Spy Spelling!
Submitted by Elizabeth from Texas
Second Grade Teacher

We play the game "I Spy" with our spelling words.  The object of the game is to get students to learn what vowels are and what consonants are while guessing what the spelling word is. For example, if the word is "dog," the student may give the first hint "I spy a word that has three letters, one vowel and two consonants."  If the students that are in the "I Spy" center need another clue, he gives another clue: "I spy a word that walks on four legs."  This goes on until the student has given four clues or the group has figured out the spelling word. These clues can be anything that the student thinks up. They can also be rhyming clues. I have these on a piece of construction paper so that the students can see the words they are trying to figure out.

Cherry Pie Game
Submitted by Pat from North Carolina
Second Grade Teacher

"Cherry Pie" - The children get in a circle around the room. The teacher calls out a spelling word to one child.  He/she will say the first letter of the word.  The next person will say the next letter, and so on. When the last letter has been given, the next person will say the word and the next person will say "Cherry Pie."  The person that says "Cherry Pie" will then sit down.  The game continues until only one person is left. That child gets a treat.

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