Spelling Sports: Baseball and Basketball

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Spelling Basketball
Submitted by Mary Beth from Texas
4th Grade Teacher

My students love to review their spelling words by playing Spelling Basketball.

To play the game, divide the class into two teams.  One player from each team comes to the board.  The teachers says a word, and the two students write the word on the board.  After both students are finished writing, they take turns spelling the word.  Then the entire class spells the word aloud.  Each team is given one point for correctly spelling the word.

The competing students also receive an opportunity to shoot a basket for an extra point.  (This privilege is given to students ONLY when the word is spelled correctly.)  The teacher places a strip of tape on the floor at a set distance from the basket.  I use a small trash can in the shape of a basketball backboard and net, but any small container may be used.  We also use a wadded up ball of recycled paper for our basketball.  This game has been a wonderful way to motivate students to practice their spelling words.  I have used this activity for many years, and students never grow tired of it!
Two Fun Sports that Teach Spelling
Webmaster note:  Jennifer and Mary Beth:  These are wonderful, fun class activities that students will enjoy!
Spelling Baseball
Submitted by Jennifer from Kentucky
Second Grade Teacher

Spelling Baseball : Divide your class into two teams. Make three bases in the classroom and a homeplate.  Start on homeplate. Each team will get a chance to spell a word, if they get the word correct then they move to a base, once they get it wrong that is a strike. Three strikes and they are out. Then it is the next teams turn. Just like baseball.

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