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More Great Descriptions of the Spelling Sparkle Game!  Kids love it!
Webmaster note:  Sparkle is a classic spelling game that kids just can't get enough of!  Thanks for sharing, Faye, Patti, and Jackie!
Submitted by Faye from Pennsylvania
Second Grade Teacher

My students love to play "Sparkle."

How you play:

1. Line the students up in line.

2. Choose a student to go first.

3. Say a speeling word aloud.

4. The student who you chose says JUST the FIRST letter in the word.

5. The person to their right says the next letter. You continue this until the word is spelled.

6. When the word is done the person who is standing next to the them says SPARKLE and the next person has to sit.

**Example. Spell Ball First student says "b" second says "a" third says "l" fourth says "l" fifth says "SPARKLE" and the sixth sits down. **If a person says the wrong letter they sit down and the person to their right is up.

Sparkle - Elk Raps
Submitted by Patti
3 through 5th Grade Teacher

This is a different approach to the spelling game Sparkle. It's called Elk-raps- that's sparkle backwards. You play the same game, but the kids have to spell the word letter by letter backwards!  It really makes them think.

Sparkle - Zap!
Submitted by Jackie from Georiga
3rd Grade Teacher

In order to practice spelling words, I play a game called "Sparkle." Students stand in a circle. Choose one person to begin the game. The teacher calls out one spelling word at a time. The student who starts the game says only one letter of the word. The next student says one letter and so on.  For example, the teacher calls out the spelling word - duck. The first student says d, the second student says u, the third student says c, and the fourth student says k. The fifth student says "Sparkle." The sixth student says "Sparkle" and the seventh student says "Zap." The teacher calls out the next word. The seventh student is zapped out of the game and has to sit until only one student is remaining (the winner).

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