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Want to make spelling fun?  Here's a few great ideas...
Webmaster note:  Such geat ideas that make spelling fun!  Thank you very much Jennifer, Shanci, and Rebecca!
Playground Letters
Submitted by Rebecca from Texas
7th Grade Teacher

One of the funniest spelling activities I've done is when I taught 2nd grade. I'd make flashcards with each letter of the words needed to be studied. Then I'd place sets of these around the playground. After arranging my students in co-op groups I'd send them around the playground finding each group's words while shouting out the letters in order. The students enjoyed the time outside the classroom, plus we were able to use multiple intelligences such as auditory and kinesthetic.

Ransom Letters
Submitted by Shanci from Georgia
3rd Grade Teacher

One of my students' favorite activities is ransom letters. The students tear out letters from newspapers, magazines, etc. to write ransom notes using their spelling words. This really gets them excited about using their spelling words in a fun and creative way.

Memory Game, Letter Game, & Spelling Bee
Submitted by Jennifer from New Jersey
Grade 2 Teacher

After introducing the students to the words, I created a memory game to help the students visualize the words with pictures of the word. This allows them gain more insight into the word and see it in a different way.

Later, the students were given letter cut-outs and I would say a word, and they would have to find the letters and spell the word the way they thought it is spelt. The first person to spell the word correctly got a raffle ticket. At the end of the game, the student with the most raffle tickets won the game and received 5pts on their nightly spelling homework grade for that section.

After a few months, we would create a classroom spelling bee and have the students compete to be the top class speller based on the past 3months vocabulary. This person wins a certificate and is holds the title of the classroom spelling champion until the next spelling bee. The kids truly enjoy it.

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