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Want to make spelling fun?  Here's a few great ideas...
Webmaster notes:  The magnetic letter game sounds like a blast, Carol!  Sarah-- I like how you teach the kids how to spell with letter sounds.  I suspect the kids can't get enough of Wordo, Lisa!  Thanks to all of you for sharing your fantastic ideas.
Magnetic Letter Game
Submitted by Carol from West Virginia
4th Grade Teacher

Magnetic Letter Game - I bought 10 sets of magnetic letters (complete alphabet) at the Dollar Store.  I put all of the letters in a box.  To play the game, I divide the class into teams of two each.  I dump the letters on the floor. I have the first two teams come to the pile of letters.  When I say a word, they are to find the letters of that word and put them on the board (magnetic board, of course, but anything metal could also be used).  The first team to get all the correct letters in the correct order wins.  They stay, and another team is called to compete against them.  Continue until time is up--the team still in is the winning one.  One tricky detail--since the letters are so cheap, some of the magnets have fallen off.  I didn't fix them; it makes it really funny to the rest of the class when the kids think they stuck the letter on the board, only to have it fall off!  Puts some drama in the game!

Dry-Erase Activity
Submitted by Sarah from Illinois
2nd Grade Teacher

I combine spelling with phonics, so I like to turn the kids into sounds!!  I give them a dry erase board with a letter on it.  When it's time to spell a word with their letter on it, they come to the front of the room.  They all hold up their letters and must say their sound as I tap them on the shoulder.  They they all blend their sounds together.  It's gets really fun when the "big, bossy e" gets to tell the vowels to "SAY THEIR NAME!"  In  turn, the rest of the letters get to tell e to "SHHHHHHHHHH!!"  The kids LOVE this activity, and I love that they now like phonics and spelling!!!

Another Great Idea Submitted by Lisa from Arkansas
4th Grade

I've made a grid, like BINGO on Excel.  Across the top I've written WORDO.  When the students come in, they write their list words in the boxes in whatever random order they choose.  Because we can play this game a couple of times during our lesson, each student gets several different crayons to use to mark their words.  The first round they use one crayon and mark one of the corners.  The second round, a different color and different corner is used.  This continues throughout the number of rounds you play.  Because there are 5 across and 4 down on my grid, a WORDO win is always 5 across.  My students look forward to Thursday since that is usually our WORDO day!

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