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Use the Newspaper to Teach Spelling
Webmaster notes:  Awesome idea, Holly!  I'm sure the kids love hands-on, cut-and-paste aspect.  Many thanks for telling us about it. :)
Newspaper Spelling
Submitted by Holly from Oklahoma
3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Teacher; Self-Contained Special Needs Students

My Activity: Newspaper Spelling 

Needed:  Old Newspapers, Glue, Scissors, Construction Paper 

Before you start: I usually take out any ads that involve underwear or things inappropriate for school first.  The classifieds are usually pretty safe.  

Procedure:  Students look through pages of the newspaper to find either letters or words that match their own spelling words.  They then cut out individual letters or the actual word and glue them to construction paper.  

It takes about 2-3 minutes per word so I usually only have them try to find the first five or ten words from their spelling list per day/ or center.    It's also a good activity for proofreading and also helps orient them to the newspaper.   
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