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Sink and Spell
Submitted by Danielle from New York
Special Education Teacher

A spelling came I like to play with my students to help them practice is Sink and Spell. I made sheet that has two grids with letters on the top and numbers on the side. The students write five of their spelling words in the boxes of the top grid. They play in pairs calling out different boxes. It is a miss if their is not letter in the box and they are told the letter if their is a letter. They are trying to find the words. It is just like battleship only with spelling words. My students really enjoy playing the game and it helps reinforce the spelling words for them.
Do you like the old Board Game Battleship?
If so, you'll LOVE these fun spelling lessons!
Webmaster note:  Learning spelling is fun when kids are engaged in a game!  Thanks for sharing this great idea, Travis and Danielle!
Battleship Spelling
Submitted by Travis from North Carolina
4th Grade Teacher

"Battleship" Spelling- just like the Battleship board game. I use an 8.5x14 sheet of paper. It has two 12x12 grids done in Excel- one on the top and one on the bottom. I add some clip art and directions to the side. On the top, students "hide" 5-7 of their spelling words- one letter in each block. (The teacher picks the number, depeneding on how much time you want to allow.) The words can go vertically or horizontally, but not backwards like a word search. On the bottom grid they "track" their opponents "ships" (words). The grids are labeled just like the board game: A,B,C... across the horizontal axis and 1,2,3... going up the vertical axis. Players fold their paper in half and put a book behind it for support. They take turns guessing coordinates to try to find and "sink" their opponents words. The word in "sunk" when the opponent has called out all of the letters. As the student calls out G5, for example, the partner replies with "miss" or "hit." If it is a hit he/she gives the letter that is in that box. The player calling the coordinates marks out each box that is a miss and fills in the letter of each hit. The winner is the first person to sink all of the opponent's ships. It does take a little while to play, but the kids love it. If time becomes an issue, it can also be continued on another day. The one other thing I do is givem the kids words to choose from- usually the one that will need more practice. So from our 20 word list, I might write 10 on the board and tell them they are to choose 7 of those to hide.
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