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Even More Great Spelling Ideas
Webmaster notes:  Tanya, Amy, and Jane-- thanks for the cool ideas!
Syllable Telephone Numbers
Submitted by Jane from Massachusetts
4th Grade Teacher

I have students turn their spelling words into syllable telephone numbers.  They look at the dial and translate each letter into a number, placing the dashes between syllables.  The numbers then become challenge activities for other students to solve. For example, October would be:  62-86-237

White Board, Shapes, Rainbow Write, and Sentences
Submitted by Amy from Ohio
3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

To teach spelling in lower grades we (the class) create a list of words fitting the Phonics skill pattern we are practicing.  The following Monday, the students choose 10 words from the list we made as a class. There are 4 options for students to use to practice spelling. 

Each morning as the students come into the classroom, they immediately put away their bookbags, get ready for the day, then begin their spelling practice at their seats, choosing the way in which they would like to practice.

Choice options-

1. Use magnetic white boards to create the words with magnetic letters and write the word below it.

2. Use a "Shapes of Words" worksheet to write the letters then shade over them with a crayon to see the size of the letters (tall, medium, drop letters).

3.  Use each word in a sentence or in a story.

4.  Rainbow write - write each word 3 times each using 3 different colors of marker. Students also practice the words at home for homework.  We've also made a "spelling" book where the students write one word on each page and draw a picture to illustrate it.    With these options, students have choice with the words and the ways in which they practice each day.  By Friday, they are ready for the test!

Spelling in a Circle
Submitted by Tanya from Ohio
Sixth Grade Teacher

We play a spelling game that all the children get into a large circle around the room. The teacher says a spelling word and the students must each say one letter of the spelling word. For example if the word was: Alaska The first student would say capital A, the next student says l, then a, s, k, a and each student will continue. To the end the word the person after the last letter will say Alaska. This works great with any age and it is a very fun game for all the students to play.

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