Spelling Sailboats, Spelling Trees, Triangle Words

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Sailboat Spelling, Spelling Trees, Triangle Spelling
Webmaster notes:  Laura, Julie, Susan, and Sherrie -- this is a great way to really get the kids focused on the order and patterns of the letters.  Aweome idea!
Sailboat Spelling
Submitted by Sherrie from New York
First Grade teacher

Sailboat spelling is a great way to practice those spelling words. Students use graph paper for this activity. The first letter of a word is written on the first line. On the second line, the student writes the 1st & 2nd letter of their spelling word. This continues until the complete word has been spelled.

This is what the word "they" would look like:

After the word is complete, students draw the shape of a sail around the letters & words. They then draw the bottom part of a sailboat and color it. My first graders love this activity.

Word Triangles
Submitted by Laura from Ohio
3rd Grade Teacher

I use word triangles for my students to practice their spelling words.  I have 4 triangles on a sheet.  Each triangle is for a different word.  Say for example their first word is through.  At the top of the triangle they write t, next line th, next line thr, next line thro, next line throu, next line throug, and finally through.  This gives them so much practice spelling just one word!!

Spelling Boats
Submitted by Julie from Texas
2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher

My third graders make spelling boats, which reinforces the spelling of the word as well as cursive writing. Students start by drawing a triangle. Inside the triangle they write the word in pyramid style; on the first line, they write the first letter of the word, second line has first and second letter, and so on until they have written the entire word. Then they draw a pole at the bottom of the triangle. Next students draw a half circle for the bottom of the boat and attach it to the pole. In the bottom part, they write the word in cursive. I let my students use large manilla paper to write these on so that they can decorate it if they want to. Many of them will draw an ocean scene.

Spelling Trees
Submitted by Susan from Florida
Third Grade Teacher

Children choose a word. Give each child a sheet of paper.  Divide it into fourths.  In the top left side, have them write the word and the definition.  In the top right corner have them write a sentence using the word.  In the bottom left corner, they illustrate the word.  In the bottom right have them do a word tree.

Example of word tree: school                                  
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