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A Bunch of Fun Spelling Activities
Webmaster notes:  Cristina, and Kari-- thanks so much for sharing these ideas with us! :)
Bang for Our Spelling Buck
Submitted by Kari from Michigan
Grade 4 Teacher

Bang for our BUCK- Spelling  I have my class at the begin of the year come up the value of each letter is going to be for the whole year. For example vowels are in all words and are used a lot so they are give a value of $1 but letters like x, q, y are rare so they are higher amounts like $9. Each week the studetns will have a sheet with the value amounts and a place to add up their words. Each week we also predict what their most expensive word is going to be and then I use that for a reminder during their test, like here is your week's most expensive word... and then tell them to spell it.  I have used this activity for three years and my students have loved it. I hope it is fun for yours as well.

Spelling Word Round-Up
Submitted by Cristina from Florida
1st Grade Teacher

"Spelling Word Round-Up"   I write each letter of our spelling words on a 2" index card using a different colored marker for each word. Each child receives 1-2 cards.  The object is to have each child find all the others in the class with the cards in the same color.  Then, they unscramble their word. Once they've all done that, each person in the group stands in the front of the class holding their card in the order that spells their word. Next, each person has to say a sentence with their spelling word.  We usually do this activity outdoors.  Finally, to be able to get back inside the classroom, each child is given a word they have to spell at the door as their "ticket" in.   My first graders love this, and it really helps the kinesthetic and visual learners in my class.
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