Spelling Relay Game

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Spelling Relay Game
Webmaster notes:  Sounds like loads of fun!  Thanks for the great idea, Sarah!
Spelling Relay
Submitted by Sara from Ohio
Third Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher

My kids love playing a game that I call "Spelling Relay".  Each group of students has one piece of paper for this review game.

I say a spelling word and the first person with the paper writes the first letter and then passes the paper to the next person in the group. 

The next person may make one change.  He/she may either add another letter or make a correction to the other student's letter.

Each group continues passing the paper in the same direction around the group until the word is spelled or until one minute is up.  (I have varied the time depending on the group of kids or the word list.) 

Check each group's paper and each team earns a point for having the word spelled correctly.

Teams lose a point if they don't practice good sportsmanship during the game.

This is a fun and quiet game while they spell the words, and the kids love it!  All teams deserve a round of applause when finished. :)
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