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Rainbow Writing / Spelling
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Rainbow Words
Submitted by Tammy from Oklahoma
Grades 4-6 Special Education

My students love to write "Rainbow Words". First they write out the spelling words in pencil.  Next they pick three different colored pencils. Then they take one of the colored pencils and trace each word with that color. The last two colors of pencil are used in the same manner.  When the words are done they have written each word 4 times and it looks really cool.  My students beg each day to write "Rainbow Words".

Rainbow Writing
Submitted by Chandra from Arizona
Third Grade Teacher: All Subject Areas

In my years of teaching, Spelling has become very special. The students love ask how do you spell. A fun way to help students learn their spelling words is to have them use Rainbow writing. This where the students write out the spelling words using different colored markers, crayon, or colored pencils.

Another fun way to practice your spelling words is to have the student stand in front of the class and they represent the letters from the spelling words. For example if the word is guide you will need 5 students because the word has five letters and each student will represent a letter. Or you can have the students to represent the letter that is the same as their first name.

Rainbow Spelling
Submitted by Felise from Louisiana
4th Grade Teacher

Rainbow spelling:  Students choose 3 - 4 colored pencils.  Students make a rainbow by writing each spelling words with each color.  Just the idea of writing w/colored pencils is great to 4th graders!

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