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Spelling Games:
Hit the Wall, Word Snatch, and Boom
Webmaster notes:  Excellent ideas that kids will enjoy!  Thank you Kim, Donna, and Sarah!
Hit the Wall
Submitted by Sarah from Tennessee
5, 6, 7, 8 Teacher

We play a fun game called Hit the Wall. Students are ask to spell a word. If they do not spell it correctly they "hit the wall", which means that they just stand up against it. We go around the room allowing each student to spell words and everyone gets at least one turn. At the end of the game, the people on the wall get a chance to spell one word correctly, so they can sit back down. If anyone is left on the wall, they will do something fun like recite a poem or sing a song. I played this as a student in school and loved it. My students like it, as well. You can use it in any subject.

Word Snatch!
Submitted by Donna from Arizona
3rd Grade Teacher

I make up 3 by 5 cards with spelling words we are learning then I lay them out on the ground and as I say the word they are to jump on that word. The game is called:    "See how many words you can snatch!"  I find it a fun and memorable way to teach the spelling words and the student seems to remember how to spell them. 

Submitted by Kim from Kansas
Second Grade Teacher

We play a game called BOOM!  In this game, the teacher writes the spelling words for the week on popsicle sticks and sticks them in a cup with a ratio of 5 spelling word sticks to one BOOM! stick...(so if you have 15 spelling words, you would have three sticks with the word BOOM! on them.  To play, each student takes a turn blindly drawing a popsicle stick.  Without looking, they hand it to you and then you ask them to spell the word.  If they spell it correctly, they get to keep the stick, if they spell it wrong, no stick and the one drawn goes back into the cup to be spelled by someone else later.  However, if the student pulls one of the sticks that says BOOM! they have to put all of the sticks that they have collected thus far back into the cup!   I also do this game for sight words and vocabulary.  The kids LOVE it!

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