Kinesthetic Spelling Activities

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Kinesthetic Spelling Activities
Webmaster notes:  Perfect ways to motivate the kids who learn best by moving their bodies!  Many thanks for sharing these great spelling activities Tracey and Pat!
Cheerleading with Pom-Poms
Another Super Idea Submitted by Pat from North Carolina
Second Grade Teacher

I have enough pom-poms for each child to have one.  The spelling chart is on the board with the words for the week.  Either I or a student will be the "head cheerleader."  We then do a cheer by saying, for example if the word is jump...Give me a J- the rest of the class echoes J, then Give me a U- they echo U, etc. After the last letter I say, "What does that spell?" The children shout, "Jump!"  We continue until all of the words have been called out.  The children love this way of reviewing their spelling words!

Swimming, Singing, Jumping, Toe-Touching Spelling Words!
Submitted by Tracey from Huntington
Third Grade Teacher

Once our new spelling words are picked we do a different activity a day to help remember them.  We might swim our words one day by standing up and saying one letter for each "stroke".  Another day we sing the letters of the words like an opra singer.  We do jumping jacks, toe touches, hopping on one leg, anything to get them moving.  I give them a paper numbered 1-10 and they write the word I give them on their paper.  I pick one child to lead the class in jumping jacks, toe touches etc.  One the back of the paper I give clues for a mystery word, rhyming word, antonym, synonym of one of our current words or from the previous week.

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