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Menu of Spelling Activities
The Menu of Spelling Activities
Submitted by Elissa from Illinois
Third Grade teacher

Every week my teammates and I print up a word work menu that consists of 5 activities to do with our spelling words.  Some examples include writing their words in a rainbow shape, sailboat shape, writing words forward then backward, coloring vowels red, consonants blue, or finding synonyms for each spelling word.  We vary the choices each week and the students have this menu in their "word work" spiral.

They choose 3 activities to complete for the week and do them at center time or home, depending on our schedule.  It's been such a hit that the 4th grade teachers told us that the kids have been asking where their menus are!

On Thursday before the test the students partner up and help test each other on their white boards.  We all enjoy the variety and spelling never gets boring!

Webmaster notes:  I'm sure the kids enjoy having a list of choices!  Thanks, Elissa!  Great idea!

Monday through Friday Activities
Submitted by Cecelia from Mississippi
First Grade Teacher

On Monday children take home the spelling words to study for Friday.

Monday they copy a sentence with each word and underline them.

On Tuesday, they add a question mark or period at the end of sentences using the words.

Wednesday they copy and  underline verbs in the sentences.

Thursday they had to fill in the blanks with the spelling words.

By Friday they are very familiar with all ten words from reading and writing the sentences.

Webmaster notes:  Awesome!  Thank you Cecelia!

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