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Four Fabulous Spelling Games
Webmaster note:  Many thanks for telling us about these fantastic spelling games!
The Great Chalk Race
Submitted by Lisa from Michigan
Third Grade Teacher

I split my classroom into two teams each on one side of the room.  I make it a race.  The first person from each line comes up to the chalkboard (yes, I still have chalkboards)and I give them a spelling word.  The person who can spell the word the fastest and correctly earns a point for their team.  The competition is very fun for the students especially if you make it boys against girls.  Another thing that I like to do is allow the rest of the team to write it on their individual white boards at their desk while the two at the board are racing.  This way everyone practices the word and they can also try to beat the two people at the board.

Circle Spelling
Submitted by Zahra from India
Grades 1-6

Make a circle, every  gets a list of words to study for 1 day. Make another circle again. Make a student spell out a word.  Then, the letter the word ends with, another student will say out another word. as soon as the game is done, give another list and start again!

Submitted by Tiffay from Vermont
4th and 8th Grade Home School Mom

I'm a home school mom for 4th grader and 8th grader.  I have two fun ways to help my kids practice their spelling. First, to keep their mind sharp and fast, we play Boggle.  If the kids can find any of their weekly spelling words on the Boggle board, they get a bonus prize.

Second, I turn their spelling words into a Word Search puzzle and this serves as their spelling test for the week. It's fun and creative and doesn't get stale.

Penny Spelling
Submitted by Shellie from Georiga
2nd and 5th Grade

My idea came from my child.  He loves movement and hates boring, so he came up with his own spelling game.  He has several sheets of spelling/sight words that he is learning.  He gets a bowl of pennies and one of his sheets of words.  Then he places them about 30 feet apart.  Next he starts at the start line (the end with the pennies).  He gets one penny at the time and runs to the end with the list.  He picks a word to pronounce, and if he says it correctly he places a penny on top and spells it out loud.... continuing until all of the words are covered.  He loves the "race? and the "fun" of learning his spelling/sight words.  He wanted me to share his game with other little boys who want a fun game for spelling.

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