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The Artistic Touch to Practicing Spelling
Webmaster note:  Visual learners will especially benefit from these artistic approaches to spelling.  Awesome ideas, Holly, Suzanne, and Cathy!
Spelling for Tokens
Submitted by Bylivia from Holly Springs
Teaches Ungraded Children With Disability

I provide each students with letter tiles. I call out a word and students try to spell it out. Those students that get the words correctly recieve a token. Afterwards, each child counts his or her token and the three students with the most token recieve a prize. If there is a tie, then we do a tie breaker using last week spelling words.

Play Dough
Submitted by Cathy from Illinois
2nd - 5th Grade Special Education

For students who benefit from hands on experiences, I have play dough that the students can use to spell their words. They can flatten the play dough out and write the word in the dough with their pencil, or they can roll the dough into strips and bend them to spell each letter in their words. Some students do well spelling their words verbally, if they are allowed to just play with the play dough in their hands while thinking and spelling.

Window Markers
Submitted by Suzanne from Illinois
3rd Grade Teacher

This activity is one that students can do at home to practice their words and have the whole family involved.  Using window markers, right the spelling words down on a sliding glass door or large window.  Then, whenever the child looks outside they see their words.  This can be done in a classroom too, giving some color or decoration to maybe a drab view.  Then, when the unit is finished the words can be easily cleaned off.  At home, this also is a great way to have the kids help wash the windows! 

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