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Submitted by Lisa from Texas
Third Grade Teacher

I have the students to participate in several different activities throughout the week. 

One game that the students do is to play a game called "Spell-A-Basket."  The students are divided into two teams.  Each opponent will compete against the opposing component on the opposite team.  The teams play two rounds of going to the chalkboard and writing the word.  The student that writes the word first, and the word is written correct scores at least 1 point.

The second part to the game is that the person that got it correct also gets the opportunity to shoot a pretend basketball into the pretend trashcan "goal."  The student can choose from the 3, 2, or 1 point shooting range.  If the student doesn't get the ball in the basket, his or her team still receives at least 1 point for spelling the word correctly.  The teammates are not allowed to help the students that are spelling the word on the board.  If the two students tie, they get a second word to break the the tie.  At the end of the second round, the team with the most points, receive a treat.  It's usually a pencil, a piece of candy, or etc... 

The words that the students receive are based on the words that they receive in their weekly spelling sorts.  The sorts are determined by the spelling stages from the Words Their Way, Qualitative Spelling Inventory assessments.  The focus of the weekly spelling lessons is designed to look at spelling patterns based on the students individual needs.  I usually have at least 3 different spelling test on Friday because I have 3 different groups. 

What do you get when you mix a spelling lesson with basketball?  Spell-a-Basket!
Webmaster note:  Definitely a fun way for kids to review their spelling words!  Many thanks for sharing this idea, Lisa!
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