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Singing and Spelling
Webmaster note:  Visual learners will especially benefit from these artistic approaches to spelling.  Awesome ideas, Holly, Suzanne, and Cathy!
Sing & Spell
Submitted by Bethany from Arizona
5th Grade Teacher

I have students come up with a song to memorize thier spelling words.  Each student partners up with another student and is given one word.  They have to create a song that spells out that word using the "Mother" song that spells out the word Mother as a model.  Each pair then performs the song for the class.

Webmaster note:  Great way to tap into kids' musical intelligence, Bethany!

Silly Songs and Dances
Submitted by Dena from Colorado
Kindergarten and Second Grade Homeschool Mom :)

In our household we love to be least the kids and I do :)  Often I will take the spelling word list and either come up with a silly story but more enjoyable is coming up with a silly song and dance.

For example I will actually spell a few of the words in the song but some of the words I don't spell but the use of them in the sentences help my son remember them as well.  For example :  "I went to the vet...I w-e-n-t to the v-e-t because my dog had some wet legs...that's right my dog had some w-e-t l-e-g-s ...WET LEGS...oh yeah!"  And of course it is sung to a silly tune with silly dance moves.

My kids love the sillyness and it is etched in their minds when it comes to their spelling test.  I know this because sometimes my son will sing his "test".  Anyhow, it is great also as a homeschool mom to come up with things like this b/c then the younger kids pick up on things early as well.

Thank you for this website by the way.  I just found it last week and just love it!   Thanks!   Dena

Webmaster note:  Glad you like the site, Dena!  Thanks!

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