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Spelling Activities and Ideas
Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing Elizabeth, Katie, Maureen, and Laura!!
Alphabet Pasta
Submitted by Laura from Ohio
3rd Grade Teacher

I use alphabet pasta with the students.  You can get a whole box for just a couple of dollars and it will last all year.  The students love finding all of the letters for their words in the pasta.  They spell out their words with the pasta and glue it down on paper.  Sound simple, but they love it!!

Way to Teach Vowel-Consonant-e
Submitted by Maureen from Canada
K-12 Grade Teacher

Teaching Vowel consonant e... I teach it as Policeman e.  Policeman e carries a bat with him...and when he joins the end of a word, he jumps over the consonant and bangs the vowel on the head and yells "SAY YOUR NAME" I have short vowel words on a card...and a police badge with an e. Once the badge is added to the word the children yell say your name to the short vowel...and read the word.

Tricky Letters
Submitted by Katie from New Hamphsire
Fourth Grade Teacher

I try to find the letters that might trick the student, point it/them out, write the word and use a different color that letter/letters. We then come up with a short story or statement about that word and the tricky letter. For example, a way to remember that seal has "ea" instead of "ee" is that the seal lives in the "sea". They both have "ea". We might draw a simple picture of the seal in some waves with the word "seal" in the middle of the seal, remembering to use a different color for "ea".

Balloon Definitions
Submitted by Elizabeth from North Carolina
Grade 3

To introduce spelling words each week, I put the spelling words on the board.  I type up the definitions and place one inside a blown up balloon.  Then, a student picks one of the colors of the Balloon and we "pop" it.  The definition for the spelling word pops out and the student reads it to the class.  Then, the students raise their hand and say which spelling word matches the definition.  Finally, the students write the spelling word 3 times in their Spelling Notebooks.  The students love to pop the balloons and search for the right word!
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