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Collage of Spelling Words
Webmaster note:  I bet your love to hunt for the letters and cut & paste the words together.  This is such a great interactive lesson that gets kids learning-by-doing.  Thanks for sharing this idea, Corigan!
Spelling Word Collages
Submitted by Corigan from alifornia
2nd Grade Teacher

Spelling Word Collages:  Students create a colorful and creative and unique collage of their spelling words! 

Materials:  Students need a magazine, glue stick, scissors and a sheet of construction paper - (1 each per student/ glue can be shared). 

Time: 30 - 45 minutes 

Children must create (by finding the letters for), or find (the entire) spelling word.   I usually give my students 20 words every 2 weeks, but they are required to find or "make" only 10 for this project.

I presently work in a school that does not rely heavily on grades, but when I've done this in the past at schools which do require grades.  I've given the children the parameter of 10 points for every word they can place on their Collage.  That serves as incentive, and gives the chidlren ownership and a sense of responsibility for the outcome of their project. 

Students are also allowed to share letters - maybe a neighbor has a "W," and doesn't need it.  This activity promotes letter and word recognition; spelling practice, spacial prowess and small motor dexterity, time management, reading and scanning practice, cooperative learning, responsibility,  etc. 

The kids love cutting and gluing, and the results are vaired and colorful!  The kids are eally excited when they find an entire spelling word intact!  Magazines can be donated from parents - be careful to recommend that parents survey the content - and other sources - such as thrft shops, bookstores, libraires, etc.

Have fun!

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