Three Spelling Learning Centers that Appeal to Multiple Learning Styles

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Multi-Sensory Approach to Spelling & Appealing to Multiple Learning Styles
Webmaster note:  Melissa, Sharon, and Kim-- These three creative lessons ideas are all excellent for teaching to kids' unique learnings styles!  A super-big thanks for sharing these ideas with us.
Flour Lesson
Submitted by Kim from Kentucky
P-5 Special Education Teacher

I use things like multisensory activities.  One my students love is to take aluminum foil and put flower to cover the surface and have the students write the words in the flour.  You can walk around and see who needs help and those that are on target.  This way the students don't have to be embarassed if they don't know how to spell a word correctly.

Smart Board Spelling Game: Spelling Round Up
Submitted by Sharon from South Carolina
Grade 3 Teacher

Spelling Word Round-Up:  I give each student a letter that is  in the spelling words. I then show a sentence on the smart board without the spelling word. The students need to determine which spelling word can be used to complete the sentence. Then the students with the letters of that word need to make the correct word!!   I teach 12 boys and 3 three girls. This is a great activity with movement for the boys.

Use "Dot A Dot" Markers to Physically Touch the Words and Make Beautiful Spelling Art
Submitted by Melissa from North Carolina
Grade 2 Teacher

The students love the "Do A Dot" markers, or you can just use regular markers if need be.  The students get a huge sheet of pretty colored paper and write all ten words that they are responsible for on the paper.  Then they dot them with the "Do A Dot" markers, or  make their own dots with regular markers.  This lets them physically touch the letters in a way that helps them to remember the spelling of the words.  The art turns out beautifully and the children learn a great deal as well.

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