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Ten More Great Ways to Teach Spelling
PowerPoint Spelling
Submitted by Sue from Virginia
6th Grade Teacher

My students love making PowerPoint presentations with their spelling words. They have to include the word, its definition, and a graphic for each word. Of course, they love to insert sounds and all of the other bells and whistles of PowerPoint!

Hidden Word Pictures
Submitted by Karen from Alabama
Kindergarten Teacher and After School K through 4 Program

Each child will draw a picture related to the monthly theme. Using a black fine tip pen,the student will hide the spelling words in the picture. All of the pictures are taken up and passed back out. The students get to locate the spelling words within the picture. Using this format, every child writes and reads the spelling words. Most of all, it is fun and not the same copy each word 5 times method!! :)

Ultimate Spelling
Submitted by Anonymous from Connecticut
4th Grade Teacher

We use a terrific computer program called ultimate spelling in our classroom.  It's a drill-and-practice program that keeps track of the words they've mastered and the ones they need more practice with. The program even creates  graphs to track their progress.It comes with pre-written spelling lists, but I enter my own.

My students love it because they see it as a computer game.  I love it because it really helps them build spelling skills.  If you don't have it in your classroom, you might want to take a look: Ultimate Spelling.

Spelling with Sunday Comics
Submitted by Mary from Hunstville, Alabama
4th Grade Teacher, All Subject Areas

My students have a weekly spelling list from our reading series. One learning center uses comic strips.  I collect comics from the Sunday newspaper for a literacy center and students can read and enjoy these comics during our reading block. Their assignment is to insert a spelling word into the dialog of the comic strip.  It must make sense, be appropriate, and of course, be spelled correctly.  They love it!  The revised comic strips are on display throughout the week. 

Teaching Spelling with a Slide Show
Submitted by Nancy from Arizona
Grade 2 teacher

I create a slideshow that I display on the screen using my projector. The slideshow breaks each word into letters that gradually build the word. For example,  Slide 1: Displays the word you want spelled: "Spell 'sat' (You can make a blank slide after this.) Slide 2: Displays an "s" Slide 3: Displays an "sa" Slide 4: Displays an "sat" Slide 5: Blank Slide 6: Begin the next word....and repeat process The students spell along (aloud) with the slideshow. This could also be used for a workstation. It's so fun. The students love it!

Delicious Spelling Tip to Remember
Submitted by Nancy from Arizona
Grade 2 teacher

Here's a tip to remember the difference between "desert" and "dessert." In a desert, you get very dry and parched, so you only use one s...a dessert, on the other hand, is filling and fun, so you want plenty...so two "s's" are in order!

Kinesthetic Spelling Activities
Submitted by Kara from St. Louis, Missouri
Second Grade Teacher

In my classroom, we use kinesthetic activities when we spell. Sometimes we play basketball with our spelling words. We say the word, and bounce our imaginary basketball as we say each letter of the word. When we have spelled the word, we say the word again while shooting a basket.  Sometimes we collect fireworks. For each letter, we collect some fireworks from the sky, and when we have finished spelling, we have the fireworks explode in the sky. It is a fun, quick way to review our spelling words each day.

Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe
Submitted by Sharon from Pennsylvania
Teacher of Third Graders

I create a "spelling tic tac toe" board.  Each square has a different activity in it, all of various interest and difficulty.  It includes the usual 3x each, use in sentences, find the meaning, ABC order, but it also includes more fun activities like using letters cut from magazines to spell out your words or drawing pictures to go with the words.  The students have to complete a square a day.  It is their choice on the activity, however it must create a "Tic Tac Toe" line at the end of the week.

Word Graphs
Another Great Idea from Karen from Alabama
Kindergarten and After School K-4

Using spelling words, have the students create a meaningful graph to display all of the words. If they work in pairs, numerous graphs can be developed and shared with the class. This also helps incorporate math and graphic organizers. Some graph ideas could be: Venn diagrams, t-charts, webs, definition graph, vowel sort graph, word family graph or words that contain letter "?". Letting the hcildren decide which graph to use helps the teacher to see how the student perceives information and sorts the information.

Don't Break the Chain
Another Great Idea from Mike from New Jersey
Grade 3 Teacher

For weekly spelling list practice, I have the class line up around the room.  Teacher chooses a spelling word and says it orally to the class. Choose a student to start the "chain" - that student repeats the word to put it in "play".  Students then go down the line saying one letter of the word at a time until the word is spelled.  If a student says an incorrect letter, the next in line says "broken chain" and that student sits back at their seat.  If the word makes it through the chain correctly, the student following the last correct letter is automatically "out".  Game is played until there are two students left - here is where the teacher may select a challenge word for the two to spell in the same fashion as above.  When one student is left, he/she has an opportunity to spell a word from beginning to end. If it is correct, then he/she is the winner (and thus gets to be the word caller the next time). If it is spelled incorrectly, the whole class is back in!  We call this "Don't Break The Chain".

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