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A Whole Bunch of Fun Spelling Ideas
Go Fish Game
Submitted by Krista from Texas
Elementary Special Education

Make cards out of the spelling words.  The students get dealt 4 cards and they play "Go Fish".  The student will ask the student they choose and say, Do you have drill and spell it D... R...I...L...L.  If the student has it he gives him the card and he makes a match, if not then he says Go Fish and the student who asked has to draw a card from the remaining deck.  You just add each weeks spelling words to the deck.
Jamie's Three Fun Ideas
Submitted by Jamie from Texas

Using Puzzlemaker.com to enter the words in; this produces a word search for the kiddos' spelling words.  They love it!  :)

Write the letters of the alphabet on paper plates and have the children come up to the front of the room with their paper plates and stand in the appropriate order to spell the words out.  Sometimes you need two sets.

Set up a literacy station where the kids can use magnetic letters or foam letters and a stamp pad to spell their words.  :)

Individualized Approach to Testing
Submitted by Melissa from North Carolina
Second Grade Teacher

On the first day of the week, we give all students the same 10 words for their spelling test.  If they get the word correct, they do not have to study that  word for the week, but they are given a more difficult word to study.  Students who miss all ten, will study all ten.  If the student gets the first three wrong, and the other seven right, the student will be given the three he missed to study and the other seven will be more difficult words.  This way the student gets a more individualized test.  On Friday, when they take their test, 20 words are called out and they are responsible for knowing which ten are their ten words and they write them down.  This works so well because students don't know that "Johnny" has to have the easier words and "Megan" gets the more difficult words.  It levels the playing field and makes everyone responsible for their words.  Each night they have a fun activity to do with their words until the test on Friday.  This way, they are very aware of which words are their words by the end of the week.  It works very well for the class.

Spelling Tac Toe with a Holiday Twist
Submitted by Susan from Georgia
4th Grade Teacher

I play spelling tic-tac-toe.  I split my students into 2 groups and have different cutouts for each holiday or season. Example- Halloween- pumpkins and ghosts. One group is the pumpkins and the other the ghosts. I draw a big tic-tac-toe board on the board and then if the student gets their word correct they can put one of their pumpkins/ghosts up there. It is fast and the students love it- which motivates them to learn their words.

Crazy-Fun Letters Game
Submitted by Jennifer from Connecticut
3rd Grade Teacher

Split your class into 2 teams. Each team has all the letters of the alphabet. The teacher says a word and the students who have the correct letters go up in front of the class and try to spell the word. (each memeber of the team have different letters in the alphabet.) If there are 2 vowels in a word the student on the left will give a thumbs up to indicate that a vowel or a consonent needs to be there if the vowel card or consonent is already being used.  Students on each team need to be quiet and not yell out the correct spelling.

Class Spelling Bee Idea
Submitted by Jo from North Carolina

Have students stand up beside their desks.  Call out a spelling word.  Have the first student tell the first letter of the spelling word, the next student gives the second letter, the next student gives the third letter, etc. until the word is correctly spelled.  If a student gives an incorrect letter, they sit down.  The class spelling bee continues until you have 1 winner.  This increases student listening skills and focus because each student has to be ready to help spell the word.

Shaving Cream Game
Submitted by Heather from Texas
Grades 1- 5 ESL teacher

One of the most fun ways I use with my students is to go to a table with a large clean surface and spray shaving cream all over the table.  The students stand around the table in a circle facing another student on the other side.  Each student has a card with a spelling word written on it taped to their backs.  The student take turns looking at the words on their partners back.  They begin to write the word in the shaving cream on the table.  The other partner trys to guess the word on their back.  If the guesser gets the word before the last letter is written down, they get a point.  Another way for the other partner to get points is to try to spell it in the shaving cream by memory, without having the one with the card on their back turn around again to see how to spell it.  If they can spell it with having their partner turn around again then they can earn a point.  It the guesser has to turn around for the speller to see the word (os that they know how to spell it) the guesser gets a point.

Dry Erase
Submitted by Aileen from Florida
Grades  1, 2, and 4

A fun activity you can use in your classrooms to practice the spelling words is to give each student a small dry erase board with a marker and have them write the words as you say them. You can also have them write sentences with the words on the dry erase boards.  Then, they can share.  My kids just love this activity!   :-)

Color Write
Submitted by Tabitha from Virginia
Fourth Grade Teacher

I have my students write their spelling words with 2 colors.  All vowels are 1 color and consonants are all the 2nd color.  I move on to writing nouns, adjetives, etc. in differnt colors throughout the year.  This allows them to practice their spelling words as well as practice the parts of speech.

Webmaster note:   Thanks for your contributions to this collection of spelling ideas Tabitha, Aileen, Heather, Jo, Jennifer, Susan, Melissa, Jamie, and Krista!  These are all fun, creative ways to build spelling skills!
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