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The Spelling Game Where Students Fill in the Missing Letters
Webmaster note:  Kids love competitive classroom review games.  I haven't heard of this one before.  I can't wait to try it in my own classroom.
Missing Letters Game
Submitted by Lisa from New Jersey
4th Grade Teacher

I call this game the Missing Letters Game.  In my class I have my kids sitting in groups.  There are five groups, therefore there are five teams.  I give each team a mini white board, a dry erase marker, and an eraser.

One student from each group (whoever I give the mini white board to first) stands up and faces the back of the room with their white board and marker in hand ready to write.  When they are all facing backward I then write a spelling work on the board with letters missing.  Where the missing letters are I put blank lines, so they know the number of letters that are in the word. 

For example, if the spelling word is apple, I might write _p_l_.  When I am ready, I count to three and tell the 5 students to turn around.  The first one who correctly spells their spelling word and holds it up gets a point for their team.  Then they pass it to the next student in their group and the game goes on until there are no more spelling words. 

The team with the highest score gets a small reward of some kind.  I usually play this game with them the day before their test.  My kids love this game and you can make it easier or harder for them depending on the number of letters you have missing.  You can even have it be an individual game, where they are up against one other person.  I enjoy this game just as much as my kids!
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