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Use the Computer to Practice Spelling
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Computer Spelling Ideas
Submitted by Anonymous
3rd Grade Teacher

The computer is a motivating tool that kids can use to practice their weekly spelling words.  Here are some ideas for computer-spelling lessons:

  • Have the kids use the program Microsoft Paint.  They can create a shape with the drawing tools.  The use the text tool to insert a spelling word in each shape.  When they're done they can print their spelling artwork.

  • With Powerpoint, the kids can write each word on a slide, then add clip art.

  • Try having them write a letter on the computer to a friend.  You can have the kids include their spelling words in the letter.

  • Have the kids take a practice test on the Internet.  Go to  You can enter the words, then the computer will give them a "practice test." 

  • Typing spelling words with Microsoft Word might not sound too exciting to adults, but kids love it!  Let them change the fonts styles and sizes so they can customize their work.

  • Usually it's the teachers who make word search puzzle on the computer.  How about letting the kids do it themselves?  Have the kids go to  They can use the puzzlemaker tool to make their own spelling word search puzzle.  They can print it out and give it to a friend to complete.

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