Spelling Bingo

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How to Play Spelling Bingo
Spelling Bingo
Submitted by Kathy from California
Fifth Grade Teacher

Spelling Bingo Needs:  
  • One inch graph paper
  • All the letters to your spelling list of the week
  • Pieces of colored paper or beans for markers
  • A list of the words of the week 

To Students:
  • 1 inch graph paper to each student.
  • Pieces of paper or beans for bingo markers
  • Pencil

  • A list of the week's spelling list
  • Pencil 

  • Have the graph paper cut into 5X5 cube cards.

Pass out the cards and beans to each student.   Have students take a few words from the weekly spelling list, scramble the letters then fill in the squares of the one inch graph paper.   Any boxes left over, have them put any letter from the alphabet in them. 

Teacher:  Takes the spelling list and begins to call out letters from the list.  Be sure to mark off the letters as you call them out.

Student:    Marks the letter as teacher calls them out until they have a Bingo (a spelling word that is spelt out correctly.)  You can play it just like bingo with all the variations.   I have found that the more games you play, the better they get at hiding the word amongst the letters.  I hope the game is as successful and fun as I find it.      

Webmaster note:   Thanks Kathy!  This will certainly be a fun game to play!

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