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Spelling Homework Table
Winning Contest Entry!
Spelling Homework Selection Chart
Submitted by Paul from Australia
Year 4 (Elementary)

Paul sent in a homework chart in which he allows students to choose their spelling assignments.  Each of his assignments fall into one of these categories:  making, writing, finding, using, or games.

You can download a pdf of Paul's spelling homework chart or view it below.

Use play dough, plasticine or cooking dough to make each of your words.
Use toys to spell out your words
Draw a picture for each list word. Turn one of them into an artwork.
Use rice or pasta to make your list words. You could do this after cooking and eat them if you wanted to.
Cut out paper letters for each of your words and put them together

Write a story about an Ogre using all of your list word at least once
Write a recount of an imaginary holiday using as many list words as you can.
Use as many of your list words as you can to write an information report about an imaginary animal.
Write poems or limericks using as many list words as you can.
Write a story that would be suitable for your Kinder buddy with your list words.
Put your list words into alphabetical order.
Put the list words into a table showing the number of sounds in each word.
See how many list words you can use in a sausage list. eg. you might be able to link tree, dog and goat like this dogoatree.
Learn how to say your list words backwards. Try to teach someone else your new language.

Use the computer to write each list word in a different font.
Use a dictionary to find each of your list words. Write down the definition of three words. Was there any you couldn’t find?
See how many list words you can find in one book. Can you find a book with no list words in it and a book with the most.
Read the newspaper and find as many list words as you can. Cut out an article that uses the most list words.

Find the definition of five list words using the computer.

Can you find songs that use your list words. You might need to use the internet or CD covers to look at lyrics.
Get a skipping rope and skip each letter in the words.
Make two copies of your list on flashcards, use the cards to play snap, concentration or go fish.

Make a hopscotch board and spell out your words as you hop through the game.

Make a find a word grid with your list words
(ask your teacher for grid paper)

Make up your own game that uses your spelling list.

Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing your creative homework ideas!

Paul won a prize with the entry above by entering our "Super Teacher Worksheets" October Contest!  Congrautlations, Paul!
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