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Word Search
Submitted by Mary from New Jersey
Grade 4 Teacher

Every week the students make their on  Word Search--using the spelling words.I have a worksheet for the word serach. The next day we switch the  Word Searches. The class really enjoys this activity.

Picture Spelling
Another Great Idea from Mary in New Jersey
4th Grade Teacher

Picture Spelling---students will pick 8 spelling words (words in which they can draw a picture  example: fireplace)  The students will draw the picture/color, leaving the spelling word out. The next day we switch worksheets and the students write the spelling word the matches the picture. The class loves it! I usually do this activity when we review for the Unit test.

Word Scramble
Another Super Idea by Mary from New Jersey
4th Grade Teacher

Word Scramble--students will scramble the spelling words.  The next day the students switch papers and unscramble the spelling words. The class has a lot of fun with this activity.

Three Great Spelling Ideas!
Webmaster note:  I use these ideas with the kids in my own classroom and they LOVE it!  Thanks for sharing your ideas with us, Mary!
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