SPelling Activity - Spelling with Your Body

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Spelling with Your Body
Webmaster note:  THis sounds like a fantastic, fun idea, Chasity!  Thank you for submitting it!
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Body-Building Spelling Words
Submitted by Chasity in Louisiana
First and Second Grade Teacher

We focus really hard on fun spelling activities. Each week I allow my students one day to build spelling words with their bodies. We divide into teams, then each team is given a bag of words from our weekly spelling list. I allow them to work as a TEAM to figure out ways to build the letters of the words with their bodies! The students love it!

I have had students come to me and tell me how they try to do it at home with their families and friends. It has really improved spelling grades in my class. Not to mention it is so funny watching them squirm all over to form letters with their bodies.