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Game:  Spelling Draw
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Spelling Draw
Submitted by Michelle in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Second Grade Teacher

I have a fabulous spelling activity. I call it Spelling Draw.

In this activity every student has a whiteboard or a sheet of paper.

There are then two students chosen to go up in front of the class. Those two students then will stand back to back.

The teacher will say a letter of the spelling word slowly. As you say each letter the two students up front challenging will take a step for each letter. The rest of the class is writing down the letters as you are saying them too.

After the teacher has completed the word you give the students a few seconds to think and then yell "Draw."

Both of the students turn around as fast as they can trying to yell the word before their neighbor.

The person who says it the fastest wins and then another challenger goes up. The rest of the class just sits and writes down the letters as the teacher says them to get continuous practice.

The audience isnt allowed to help out the challengers or they are disqualified. If there is a tie then the challengers goes back to back again and get another word. If they tie 3 times then they have to rock-paper-scissor it to see who wins.

My students just love this game. It not only works on continuous practice, but it also has to get the students thinking about how the words are spelled in order to win their challenge. Great game!

Webmaster note:  I love this game idea...and I've never head of it before!  I'm going to try it with my third graders!  Thanks, Michelle!