Invisible Man Spelling Game

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The Invisible Man
Submitted by Carol from West Virginia
4th Grade

My students love to do this activity.  I call it "Invisible Man".  First, draw two large "stick-type" figures on the board.  Be sure to give each of them the same number of body parts.  I draw 13 parts for each:  two eyes, two ears, nose, mouth, head, hair, body, two arms, and two legs.  I usually make one to be a girl and the other to be a boy (by different hair styles).  Divide the class into two teams.  If I do the boy/girl figures, I do boys against girls.

How the game works:  start with team 1--give the first person a spelling word.  He must say-spell-say it.  If he is correct, he gets to erase a body part from the opponents' figure.  Then go to the other team and repeat the procedure.  If the word is not properly done, no part is erased.  Keep going until one team has totally erased the other's person.  Hence, Invisible Man!

Spelling Game:  The Invisible Man
Webmaster note:  Last week, I tried your idea with my third graders.  The game was a huge success with the kids!  Thanks for teaching us how to play, Carol!
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