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Submitted by Lisa from Arkansas
4th Grade Teacher

SPARKLE is a fun group game that my students ALWAYS want to play!  Before our Friday test, we spend about ten minutes playing several rounds of SPARKLE.   

  1. The class forms a circle.
  2. The teacher says a list word.
  3. The first student says the first letter of the word.
  4. The next in line says the second letter.
  5. The student next in line says the third letter.  This continues until all letters of the list word have been spoken.
  6. The student in line AFTER the last letter, then says the list word.
  7. The next student in line says "SPARKLE" and is OUT, and returns to his seat.
  8. Anytime a student says the wrong letter, he is out and returns to his seat.
  9. I usually give the winner a cap eraser, pencil grip, or something like that.   

This is an easy game to review words; and because it is so quick, all students are active and multiple games can be played in a short time span.

Popular Spelling Game:  SPARKLE
Webmaster note:  Thanks Jennifer, Vicky, and Lisa!  Spelling Sparkle is a fantastic game that kids love!
Spelling Sparkle Game
Submitted by Vicky from USA
Third Grade Teacher

Spelling Sparkle - each student stands by their desk and the teacher calls out a spelling word, "cat". The first person says one letter "c", the second person says "a", the third person says "t", the fourth person says "spelling sparkle" since the word is complete. The teacher then calls out another word. If a person misses a letter he/she sits down. This works on spelling and listening skills.  They love it!
Submitted by Jennifer from New Jersey
Grade 2 Teacher

Sparkle is great game used by teachers to have their students correctly spell the vocabulary words.  A word is given, and the class sits in a circle. Each student gets a chance to spell the word letter by letter. The 1st child will state the word, the 2nd child will state the first letter, the 3rd will state the second letter and so on. After the last letter is said, the next person states the word again, and the person after that says SPARKLE. The next person is disqualified and has to go sit down.

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