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Submitted by Guinn from Oklahoma
Second Grade Teacher

Every Friday, just before our spelling test, we play SPARKLE.  We line up.  I pronounce the word.  The first student in line says the first letter of the word, the second student gives the second letter of the word, etc., until the word is complete.  After the last letter of the spelling word is given, the next student in line says "Sparkle" and the next student in line has to sit down. Play continues until only one student is standing.  This is the end of round 1. 

The winning student enjoys a trip to the class 'treasure box'.  The other students are called (I draw sticks) to line up and we resume play in this way for five rounds. 

Then the five winners compete in a spelling bee.  What do the students do as they are 'sparkled out'?  They work on a spelling word search.  My students love this game.  It is a great way to get in spelling practice just before giving the test.  Oh...if a student gives a wrong letter, he sits down, and the word is given until it is spelled correctly.
Popular Spelling Game:  SPARKLE
Webmaster note:  Many thanks to Everlee, Guinn, and Lindsay for sharing this fun game with us!
Submitted by Lindsay from Illinois
5th Grade Teacher

For the last few minutes of class most days, we play a game called "Sparkle". The entire class lines up, I say a word, the first person in line repeats the word, then each person down the line says the next letter. If someone makes an error, they leave the line. When the word is complete, the person says "Sparkle" and the next person is out. It eventually gets down to the top speller. (A different student almost always wins, because students get out from "Sparkle", even if they have been spelling words correctly).

Sign Language & Sparkle
Submitted by Everlee from Georgia
4th Grade Teacher

There are two things I like to do in spelling. One is teach the students the alphabets in sign language.

The next is to play the game Sparkle. To play each student must listen carefully. They stand in line shoulder to shoulder. The word is announced and the first person says the word and the first letter of the word. The next person says the next and this continues until all the letters are spelled. The person saying the last letter immediately says "Sparkle" before the next person in line. If the person next to the last speller beats him saying "Sparkle" the last speller is out. If not, the person after the speller is out. Also, you can be out if you misspell the word or are not listening.

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