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We spell words by bouncing a beach ball, one letter per bounce. - Submitted by Cindy from Michigan

Write spelling words with white crayon on white paper.  Paint over with watercolors and the words appear!  - Submitted by Shelly in Africa

Instead of using lines to draw a picture, use your spelling words, written in line, to form a shape or object.  - Another excellent idea from Shelly in Africa

Write words with you finger in fingerpaint, pudding, shaving cream, etc. - Another wonderful idea from Shelly in Africa

Give them words that they need to put into sentences. - Submitted by Ericka from Florida

A spelling bee where each person says the next letter in the word and if they get it wrong they are out. It's a fun way for kids to learn and mabye study for a test the next day. - Submitted by Karen from Florida

We have our own spelling bee!  As a homeschooling mom of one, I found that she was interested in a spelling bee after watching one on television last year. Now she is thrilled at new spelling words to learn more than ever! - Elizabeth from USA

Play Scrabble, and get double points if you use a word from your spelling list. - Submitted by Dianna from Massachusetts

Children in third grade pick a spelling word from the list being learnt out of a small box. They then have to give the definition of the word and the other children have to guess which word it is. - Submitted by Judi in Hungary

Teacher has to describe the words using adjectives or action verbs as the students spell them correctly. - Carolyn from Mississippi

Put Shaving cream on the students desks and let them practice writing their words in the shaving cream.  It also cleans the desks! - Submitted by Elizabet in Illinois

I place paint in a baggie and they use their finger to write there words as I read them. - From Jordan in Pennsylvania
Quick and Easy Ways to Practice Spelling
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