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Transformation from College Student to Professional Teacher
Webmaster note:   Gail, we appreciate you sharing your insight.  You're right-- the change from college student to teacher is a giant step.  With preparation and ambition, it can be a smooth transition.
Prepare for Transition from Student to Teacher
Submitted by Gail from Massachusetts
Third Grade Teacher

My advice for student teachers is start to prepare for making the transition of being a college student to a student teacher, by purchasing a few clothes to make your wardrobe a little more professional than your
college attire.  Also, be sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes on hand.

Also, since you will be collecting so many wonderful ideas from the teachers you'll be working with, it may be helpful to have a binder separated by subject to store all of the hand-outs, worksheets, and ideas offered by your cooperating teacher and his/her colleagues. In addition, you may want to have a digital camera on hand to take pictures of work you have done (i.e. bulletin boards), as well as how teachers have set up their classrooms, etc. By the end of your student teaching practicum, you will have an organized resource that will be a valuable tool for when you start first teaching position.

Pace yourself, and keep up with your assignments, so that you'll be able to maintain your social life. Always allow time for making adjustments, especially when preparing to be observed. You never know when
the photocopy machine may break down, or the laminator isn't working, so you always want to have a back up plan!

Lastly, enjoy your student teaching experience. Go into school with a smile on your face, and know that you have the greatest job in the world because you can make a difference in child's life, and have fun while doing it!
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