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Webmaster note:   All sound bits of advice, Fran.  It's nice of you to share it with us. :)
Fran's Fantastic Tips
Submitted by Fran from Ohio
High School Intervention Specialist

From day one my advice would be: RESPECT! You will receive it as long as you give it in turn- not only to your peers-most importantly to your students no matter how old they may be.  Also to their parents. 

Keep in mind that you are responsible for what matters the most to them in their lives:their children. College does not "teach" your how to do this-it should be a part of your love for children. 

Always look & act professional- dress and act as though you might always run into someone involved with school - you never know who you might run into.

Take time for the little extras- positive reinforcement such as "glad you're on time for class today."

Learn from your peers. You might not always agree with their teaching methods but there might be something that you will be able to relate to and have a better understanding of as time goes on in your career.

Yes, you'll be overwhelmed-who isn't when they begin something new. Keep time for yourself EVERYDAY!!! Even if it's just for a few minutes to do whatever you enjoy doing. This will help to ease the pressure & clear you mind.

Most important, remember that we cannot save all of them-just be there for them on a daily basis and you'll be surprised of the difference you can make in their lives.
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