Successful Student Teaching

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Student Teaching Advice and Tips
Activities & Lesson Ideas
5 Keys to Student Teaching
Learn the 5 keys to being a successful student teacher.

16 Student Teaching Tips
Advice for thriving and surviving during your student teaching experience.

Student Teaching Tips
Six great tips from a teacher with 10 years experience.

Student-Teacher Transition
Learn about transitioning from a college student to a professional educator.

Traci's Top 10 Student Teaching Tips
See what Traci says about student teaching.

Fran's Student Teaching Suggestions
Fran shares her tips for successful student teaching.

Guide to Getting a Teaching Job

Looking for a Teaching Job?  This eBook can help!  Interview Questions and Answers, Resume and Cover Letter Help, and more!
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Guide to Getting a
Teaching Job
Teacher Interview Questions

Learn how to master the teacher interview process.  Guides you through the process of finding a teaching job!

  • Learn the 50 most common teacher interview questions and answers
  • How to write an effective cover letter
  • Secrets to making your resume stand out
  • Discover the 7 worst things to say at a teaching interview
  • Best places to find teaching jobs -- even unadvertised ones
  • And lots, lots more.

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