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Submitted by Lyndsey Shehorn
4th Grade teacher in Geneseo, IL

Check your job and the description below to see how you can do your best at your job! Thank you for all your hard work and help!

Front Line Monitor
You must be a great role model! Show everyone how they should look in line. Your eyes should be forward, your arms at your sides/behind your back and your voice quiet.

Back Line Monitor
You must be a great role model! Show everyone how they should look in line! Your eyes should be forward, your arms at your sides/behind your back and your voice quiet. Make sure youíre using your eyes to see if everyone is following the Front Line Monitor.

Shelf Checker
You will check the shelves that we have in the room. Are the books neatly put away on our bookshelf? Are the games and toys properly put in their place?

Light Person
You are in charge of helping us save energy! Thanks! Remember to turn the lights off when needed and when asked to.

Clipboard Carrier
You must carry Miss Robbinsí clipboard to and from classes that we must switch for. You must be responsible by remembering to give it to your other teachers, and to safely return it to me! Thank you for not taking anything off of it or looking through it unless youíre asked to!

Paper Passer/Collector
You must pass out/collect papers, materials, and/or homework to your classmates.

Board Eraser
You are responsible for erasing the board and/or cleaning off the projector when I ask you to. Thanks!

Floor Inspector
Please keep a good eye on our floor. It can get SUPER messy throughout the day. Please throw away scraps, recycle appropriate items, and deliver othersí belongings you may find on our floor.

You have the chance to select what youíd like to use at recess before anyone else! This also comes with hard work- you must carry out the equipment!

Zoo Keeper
If we have a classroom pet, you must take on the responsibility of caring for it. You may have to feed or clean our petís home.

Backpack/Coat Tidy
Please pick up any coats or backpacks that may be on the floor and hang them back up. This helps out a lot! Thanks for keeping us safe from tripping!

Are you a good listener? You have to be to have this job! If a student comes in late, didnít hear a direction, or may need something repeated, I may ask you to go to them and retell what I said even though I may repeat it as well!

Bus Buddy
This is hard work! You must help others safely get to the bus! This requires you to have your own things ready so that you may make it on time to help others.

Cart/Cabinet Checker
Sometimes (not always) we forget to take the time to make sure we put things back properly. Itís ok, because we have you! You will check the labels on the cart and inside the cabinet. If things are not where they belong you will put them away for us. Thanks!

Birthday Checker
Miss Robbins has so many things to do that she sometimes forgets special dates! I donít want to miss a birthday celebration because weíre so happy to have each other in our classroom! In order to make sure I do remember, please help me by checking the birthday chart on the wall. If someone has a birthday, please come tell me!

All the jobs are very special, but this may be one of the most important! You are my helper for the day! I may ask you to help other students, relay a message to someone, help me with a project, and more! Also, when we have a substitute, you will have the honor of helping him/her. They could be new to our classroom, so please make them feel welcome by sharing what you know about our daily routines!


Webmaster note:  Thank you for sharing your classroom jobs with us, Lyndsey!  I love how you spelled out the purpose for each job so clearly for students.  What a wonderful way to add a sense of community to your classroom!

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