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Classroom Jobs
Submitted by an Anonymous Third Grade Teacher

My students learn responsibility and teamwork by helping out with daily classroom chores. Kids love helping out, and it also takes a bit of the workload off of me, the teacher. Here's a list of the jobs that are assigned to students.

Line Leader
The line leader sets the pace for our line when we walk in the hallway.  He or she knows where and when to stop the line, and to look for the teacher's signal to continue.

Homework Collector
When my students come into the classroom in the morning, one of their first jobs is to put their homework assignments on top of their desks.  My homework collector gathers the assignments.  He also uses a class checklist to keep track of who handed in homework and who did not.

Lunch Count Helper
The lunch count helper reads the daily choices from the lunch menu before we take lunch count.

Smartboard Technician
The Smartboard technician uses the remote control to turn off the Smartboard before we leave the room for lunch or specials, and at the end of the day. This job is important because it prevents those expensive projector bulbs from burning out.

Chalkboard Engineer
The chalkboard engineer erases the chalkboard at the end of the day.

Paper Passers
These two students are responsible for handing out worksheets and papers throughout the day.

Errand Runner
The runner chooses a friend to run errands throughout the day.  Whether a paper needs to be picked up from the classroom next door or I need to have a secretary run off a quick copy in the main office, I can depend on my runner to take care of it.  (However, the runner must not run in the hall.  I often refer to the student as my 'walking runner.')

Fish Feeder
In my classroom we have a 10 gallon tank with tropical fish.  The fish feeder makes sure our aquatic pets get a pinch of food each day.

The botanist makes sure our classroom plants get watered twice a week.

Bus Watch
The student with this job writes the bus numbers that were called on the chalkboard during dismissal time.  He must also erase the numbers before he leaves.

The classroom librarian is in charge of making sure all books are neatly organized on our class bookshelf.

Locker Inspector
Students tend to leave locker doors open, jackets on the floor, and other items strewn about the hallway.  The locker inspector goes into the hall each morning to make sure our locker area is neat.  If there is an open locker, he or she closes it.  If there are papers, jackets, or backpacks on the floor, the locker inspector tells the offending classmate to go out and pick up the mess.

Pencil Sharpener Technician
In my classroom, students are supposed to sharpen their pencils before hte morning announcements.  The pencil shrpener technician makes sure the shavings are emptied each day.

Our class weatherman (or weathergirl) quickly logs onto the computer in the morning to check the current temperature, wind, and weather conditions.  He or she writes them down on a sheet of paper and posts it on the classroom door.

Wemaster note:  Thank you for sharing all of these classroom jobs!  Kids love to help, especially with fun jobs like these.

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