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Thanksgiving Writing Lesson - Pilgrim Chores
Kindergarten students learn about the chores of Pilgrim children in the 1600s.  Then, they create Pilgrim mosaics and write about their own chores.
Winner of the November 2008 contest!

Writing Letters to a Football Hero
Students write letters to a local football star!

Reading and Writing Workshops
Discover how to use reading and writing workshops in your classroom!

Symmetrical Creature Writing Project
Math and writing mix in this lesson.  Students create a symmetrical creature and then write all about it!

Columbus Day Writing
Kids write to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to request funding for Columbus' Voyage.
Picture Telling
Students view a picture, then they use prompts to develop a piece of writing to describe the picture.

Writing Activity: Story Elements Dice Game
Students roll a die to randomly choose characters, summary, and plot to write about.

Native American Symbol Writing
Kindergarten students write stories using Native American picture symbols.

Three Simple Writing Activities
"Pass the Paper," "Turkey's Point of View" and "Snowflake Similes"

Fairy Tale Writing
Old fairy tales are transformed into new holiday stories.

Writing to Pen Pals
Kids write to pen pals that live on the other side of the world!