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Writing Projects: Symmetrical Creature
Symmetrical Creature Paragraph Writing Project
Written by Lisa in Northern New York State
Title I Math Grades 1 - 5

We incorporate symmetry into a fun writing lesson, science lesson, and art lesson. After introducing the concept of symmetry, we fold paper horzontally and vertically. Then the children cut a squiggly line on the folded paper. After unfolding the paper, the children then turn the horizontally and vertically symmetrical paper into an imaginary animal. Artistically, they must keep their animal symmetrical as they add body parts and physical adaptations.

Then they write about their creature. They are then required to write an informational paragraph (or more, depending on grade level) about the animal and how it meets its basic needs like every other animal on the planet.

Webmaster note:  What a great way to tie Math into writing!  I can only imagine how creative the kids must be with this project!  Thanks so much for telling us about this activity!
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