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Letter Writing Activity
Writing Letters to a Football Hero
Written by Kay in Mississippi
2nd Grade Special Education

I teach a 2nd grade special education class. In my room I have a student with Asperger's. He is very energetic and a bright child. As you know most Asperger's excel in an area, his happens to be Mississippi State Football. His brother is the star running back for the team. My student can give you scores from years past and can break down games and the order in which the teams scored.

I have helped this student make a scrapbook for his borher. All of my children have become interested in football because of this player.

It was time to do our lesson on writing friendly letters. My class and another 2nd grade class wrote letters to this running back and the quarterback. Mississipi State was playing Vanderbilt the following Saturday. The students told them to play hard, tell Coach Crooms hi and so forth. We even took a picture of our class holding up signs saying "Go State" and ringing our cowbells. We mailed the pictures and the letters. Believe it or not Mississippi State beat Vanderbilt! We have invited the players to come and visit our class when the season is over. Coach Crooms thanked the students on his radio address after the game for the letters. It was a great way for the students to put meaning into their writing.

Webmaster note:  How proud you-- and the class-- must have been to hear the coach mention your letters in his radio address!  This is such a meaningful lesson because it gives kids a real purpose for their writing.  Thank you for sharing this with us, Kay!

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